Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are we?
A: We are a growing scanlation group that wants to bring many releases of manga, manhwa, and manhua to fans and readers.

Q: How do I download the latest releases?

A: You have to click on the open link to the project’s page and download the new release from there. 

Q: Do I have to download releases or can I read them online instead?

A: You can just download the new releases from the project page or read the new releases on the reader instead.

Q: When will the next chapter of X project come out?

A: We cannot answer this question. It could be in a day or perhaps in two months, so you have to be patient and please DON’T ASK THIS QUESTION!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: For the quickest response, please send an email to

Q: Can I host your releases on other sites?

A: This is not an open request anymore since we have our own reader. Please read on our reader from now on.

Q: Can I join your scanlation group?

A: Of course! We are always glad to recruit more staff to help to us.
Please visit our recruitment page to see the details about how you can help.

Q: Do you accept joints?

A: Usually, yes. However, it depends on the project and whether you’re looking for an editor, proofreader, or translator. So, please contact us at and we’ll answer you as fast as we can.

Q: Can our group retranslate your series into another language?

A: Please check our retranslation page first to make sure permission for the series has not already been given to another group in your language. Then, contact us at with the following information: 

   The group’s name

   Link to the group’s site
   The project(s) that the group wants to re-translate
   The language into which the group will translate

Q: A download link is broken. What do I do?

A: Please inform us about any problem that you encounter regarding our downloads. Send us a message to

Q: Do you scanlate licensed series?

A: No.

Q: Can I suggest a manga/manhua/manhwa title for you to scanlate?

A: Yes, you can. Please send us your projection suggestion request through our contact us with the project title, mangaupdates page, and the raws link (if you have them available). 

Q: My question isn’t here.

A: Please contact us at if you have any further questions.